Mayhap I’ll tell you a story ’bout a boy and girl in love

They were wild, young and impulsive, but they grew and rose above


‘N just for fun, I’ll recite you a poem ’bout two hands with fingers entwined

Soft and supple innocence fading growing aged and withered with time


They never lost touch with what mattered, and (you know) they never quit

And when a sad finger did wander well, the others would pull it back in


Mayhap that’s a fairytale someone wants to live


Mayhap I’ll sing you a song about one life and two separate souls

Never better than when they’re together or at least that’s what they’re told


Or a sonnet with love as a topic passioned lips and freshly messed hair

A favorite routine edging on obscene works for them and there’s no time to spare


Morning kisses and afternoon whispers open hearts for the coming night

Hugs and back rubs and bubbles in the tub casting shadows in the candlelight


Mayhap that’s a fairytale someone might invite


Mayhap it’s more of a drama, Greek tragedy, suffering and all

Or mayhap that’s just the game, and you suffer the luck of the draw


Oh I know why you’d never settle for good enough when better awaits

And I know that you make me look easy, but I see the work that I take


Mayhap it’s a fairytale built on mistakes


I find the journey exciting but baby you are all I need

We’re a lot like the three musketeers minus one just you and me


Mayhap it’s the fairytale that was meant to be.