Zombie Jr. High

Zombie Jr High Wade Haggard
When Gil Gillenwater, a thirteen-year-old brain trust of whimsical energy, stumbles on what he believes to be an accidental chemical spill, he unknowingly becomes the center of a plot to keep secret a black-op scheme to manufacture the undead.

Grandma’s Travelin’ Trailer

Travelin' Trailer
Steven and Tyler are about as normal as two boys age nine can be. In fact, if you were to look at their mom and dad you would say they were a typical family with nothing extravagant about them. Except maybe for Grandma, she is special. All kinds of interesting things happen when Grandma is around. Mom and Dad call her quirky, "Bless her soul…," they say. However, Steven and Tyler both know a secret; Steven and Tyler know Grandma is a witch.

I’m in Dutch!

I'm in Dutch!
This is a fun cookbook with Dutch oven cooking and recipes for camping, home, and tailgating! Have you ever wanted to learn to cook in a Dutch oven? Are you already cooking and want some useful tips and tricks or another point of view? How about over 120 recipes that make for great Dutch oven fare and are all easily converted to your kitchen oven or stove-top? “I’m in Dutch!” gives a complete walk-through of how to create a Dutch oven meal with information on oven selection and care, charcoal preparation and variances, temperature control, fighting the elements, cook times and temperatures, and incredible meals.

Saving Time

Saving Time
Trent and Sarah, 12-year old cousins in 1860s Utah, find their dreams filled with a Native American Mystic who comes to teach them of a shared gift that will transport them through time challenging those who seek to destroy the agency of humankind. The balance between good and evil is fragile, as Trent and Sarah are soon to learn. With her family massacred, Sarah clings to hope when she is kidnapped. In another time, more children have been taken and are being tortured and broken. Trent and Sarah have to learn to use their gift and overcome adversity to find the others and save them.