Sand Between Toes

Sand trapped between his toes, a lifetime confined in an abrasive mind.

Old wounds irritated and oblivious to any other,

much like the raw flesh on which he stands, footing poor.

World-weary and cold, irritated by the breeze

(it’s lackluster attempts to comfort- promising renewal and disposition).

Anger fueled and fanned in salty composition,

blown off course, beauty robbed of ships sails (cluttering his horizon).


Sand sifts ‘tween eager toes, endless speculation amidst the crashing waves.

Fresh and vibrant ideas tickle a trusting mind devoid of memory

Impatiently releasing thoughts as seeds unwillingly blown

Blown to soil with no chance of purchase, intrigued by the breeze

(its wondrous possibility overwhelming and forgotten).

A smile, emboldened by sunlight and drawing a savory breath,

The moment stolen by beauty amidst the horizon and sails battling for position.


Sand bowls pressed deep cool gratified toes, an attentive mind purposefully present.

Embracing the moment, gathering each twinkling of time in turn, a game.

Relished and released, darting eyes snap and seek picture after picture,

(slowly replenishing an endless store of empathy happily visited).

Patience, matter of fact, next to the embers of a crackling fire,

warm in the sun accepting wondrous horizon and sail.