Ride the Bus

I never wanted to ride the bus, not into public transportation.

Nothing against it, but I am happy with my head in the clouds

Clouds of smoke

Pollution conjured by my horsepower wizard.

I never wanted to ride the bus

Didn’t want, until I questioned.


Questioned what was on the other side, of an isle,

An ocean, and the other side of that?

Words from a stranger won’t stem the tide; I need to search for myself.

I sought to do for myself, firsthand

I cringed while I questioned, I changed course for the better


“Where have you been all my life?”

I ponder as the bus serpentines the avenues.

“What’s that?”

The taunting reply, a tone to raise a brow

“You have said that before.

In a moment of lowest low, you looked to Christ.

And in his loving embrace, you found sanctuary and peace.”


So now I question my new questions, which seems fair enough.

They are mine to choose and so mine to change,

And what good is unused change, you ask?

I hope we ask.

Unused change to ride the bus, public transportation, change.


Where have you been all my life

Change, love, caring

Searching for ideas unknown

I love, loving change

And it makes me happy

Riding the bus.


*originally published 2017