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Saving Time, The Gift. - wadehaggard.com

Wade Haggard

Saving Time, The Gift.

$ 9.99

youth historical fiction on amazon

Young Adult Fiction, 76,000 words.

Trent and Sarah, 12-year old cousins in 1860s Utah, find their dreams filled with a Native American Mystic who comes to teach them of a shared gift that will transport them through time challenging those who seek to destroy the agency of humankind.

The balance between good and evil is fragile, as Trent and Sarah are soon to learn. With her family massacred, Sarah clings to hope when she is kidnapped. In another time, more children have been taken and are being tortured and broken. Trent and Sarah have to learn to use their gift and overcome adversity to find the others and save them.

Throughout history, men and women have sought to enslave their brethren, through greed, wrath, envy, and pride. Trent and Sarah face an evil and twisted man, tortured in his youth, executing the child and birthing a monster set on inflicting his judgment and punishment on everyone around him. A malevolent desire to enslave men so that he may gain wealth and power drives the soulless villain. In his wickedness, The Man in Black has found an abundant resource on which to feed, children.

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