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Silicone Gloves for BBQ Grill & Dutch Oven Mitt

$ 7.99 $ 11.99
  • silicone bbq gloves on amazon
    • My Favorite Silicone Gloves

      Dutch Oven Mitt!

      No more handle burns!

      • Contains 2 Black Silicone Gloves; Durable, flexible, non slip and anti stain for easy cleaning
      • Prevent burning your hands, heat resistant to 425 degrees F (220 C)
      • Protect your family with our eco-friendly and non-toxic BPA free Oven Mitt
      • Made from 100% food grade FDA certified silicone
      • 100% Water-proof so you'll never have wet or greasy hands again
      • No bizarre "rubber" odor often associated with other gloves of this type.
      • Oven Mitts accommodate S - XXL.
      • Allows a Diverse Range of Use In Virtually Every Cooking Arena
      • No Slip Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items
      • No Staining or Smell Even After Long-Term Use
      • Dishwasher Safe Silicone Gloves

      BBQ'ing on a professional tour, or just taking some whole potatoes out of boiling water, Cool-Grips are only limited by your imagination.

      Great for Grabbing, flipping, and shredding hot meat on the grill!

      A Message From Wade:

      I am happy to present the Haggard Cool-Grip Silicone Barbecue Grill Glove & Oven Mitt.

      I had tried other BBQ gloves in the past and was slightly disappointed that although they were heat resistant, they could not stand up to my Dutch oven or even a cookie sheet for a prolonged period of time, and the sizing was off. So I partnered with one of the world's premier silicone glove manufacturers and investigated the possibility of a design slightly thicker. I bring to you a little beefier grill glove with a better fit and more heat resistance. Check out my full review!

      silicone gloves

      This new item is a staple at my grill, BBQ, and Dutch oven get-togethers. Having spent much of my life in the information technology field, I am not one for a gadget that's a one trick pony. I also keep a set of Cool-Grips in my ice fishing kit, my water fouling Kit, and on the boat. They are truly waterproof and do not absorb odors. The Cool-Grips are great for handling hot pans and pots, grilled meat, pulling apart pork and other barbecue roasts, reaching into boiling water to remove a potato or corn on the cob, and I even use them in the rose garden to avoid that peat moss smell. I also made sure they were manufactured with the highest quality FDA approved silicone, BPA free. That all sounds nice but the good news is that it translates into no foul rubber smell like some other gloves. Give them a try and I'm sure you will be impressed.


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