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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I cook the recipes from I'm in Dutch in my home oven?

A. Yes, all the recipes work great in a home Dutch as well.  Easy! Directions for heat conversion in the book!

Q. Does the Toasty-Top Balaclava fit all sizes?

A. We like to say "fits most", our founder Wade has an enormous Melon and they fit him quite well.  The integrated bungee help snug the Toasty-top to smaller noggins too.

Q. I saw the Saving Time novel is a young adult story, are more novels on the way for grownups?

A. Yes.  Keep in mind that all Wade's novels are written with strong youth characters for young adults to identify with.  However, the grownups will identify and enjoy the story as well.  Two more coming soon.

Q. Why is the Grip-Tight a little more difficult to string than other models.

A. This is a prime example of tweaking a product to meet a need.  Other models of locking laces we tried were easy to set up, which we do once, and then slipped through usage every day.  We tweaked the lock a bit and used a button design with a high tension spring so that once you set up the lock, your laces did not slip.  More Grip Less Slip!

Q. There are a lot of straws on the market.  What possessed you to offer another?

A.  LOL- Nicely Stated!  The other straws suck.  No really, they rely on you dipping your face into the stream to get a drink.  While this could be useful and necessary in an emergency, and you can do that with the Haggard Straw as well, what about the rest of the time?  So, we wanted a straw that had the ability to connect to most hydration systems, standard 2L and 1L bottles.  This gave us the ability to use the straw as a gravity filter.  We use them at the park when municipal water is less than tasty, ultralight for backpacking replacing $100 - $300 designer filters and use it at home to filter tap water in case of an emergency or poor taste. 


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