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Outfitter XXL Cot Review


I don’t always camp in a tent...

...but when I do I take my XXL Outfitter Cot. 

Scout camp, week long hunt camp, or anywhere I can utilize a base camp is an excellent opportunity to create a home away from home, comfy as I can be, snug as a bug in a rug bedroom.  BTW – A comfy camp instantly turns me into a kid in a candy store.  In preparation for this year’s Elk hunt I am getting my gear out, checked out, and ready to go.  I decided to give a heads up on a few pieces of equipment that I love, starting with my cot.  Now, I don’t brand this item, specifically because the many different brands are quite good the way they are.  Outfitter XXL cots are available from more than one retailer, and under more than one name brand.

Teton Sports XL Cot

If you spend a lot of time in the back-country you understand the amount of strain you put on your body hiking this rugged terrain. Having an excellent base camp keeps me feeling healthy and gives me the advantage of having a pampered sleep and a full kitchen.  My meals, short of lunch and trail water, are full on gourmet and my nights are better than a Holiday Inn. 


The cot is compatible with many available options and upgrades like the cot organizer from TETON Sports. One of my favorite aspects of having this X-large cot is that it fits me, it is huge.  The setup size, Size 85" x 40" x 19", easily accommodates a large mat as well as my oversized duct and flannel sleeping bag. Sleep number my rear-end. Setup and take down are super easy using the "S" style base legs.

teton sports cot legs

The only downside here is that you need a large tent, I use a six-person Coleman insta-tent which I will review it a later date.  With the weight rating of over 600 pounds, the cot easily accommodates my large frame as well is allows for use as a bench. The height off the floor is perfect for the larger guy at just over 19 inches, almost 24 with my padding and bedding.  It is big, get out your measuring tape and visualize before you buy, a couple buddies were really surprised.

The cot is easily put together, as well as easily taken down and put away.  I appreciate the oversized stuff sack since you can't really stuff a cot.  The materials are high quality; my personal cot is the Cabelas version, I have friends who own the Teton version, they are identical. A little research shows that they are made in the same factory by the same company and imported by various retailers. 



  • 100% Polyester Top
  • Size 85" x 40" x 19", Pack Size 42" x 12" x 7", Weight 26 lbs.
  • Aluminum frame, patented steel "S" legs, and heavy-duty 600D Poly Canvas top
  • Folds up for easy transport with a carry bag
  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Give it a look if you are questing for the luxuries of campingBe Comfy, Be Happy and Share Your Adventures!




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