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DC Deck Builder Review. I am a Super Hero...


...with a total Dad-Bod!

a beautiful moonrise

We have long passed the point of Internet access or reliable cell service. The moon shone overhead seems bigger than the world itself and is blazing a beautiful orange sheen. The purples and blues radiate from the sunset boiling down to reds and yellows.  A cool breeze wafts across the cheat grass and through the junipers rocking my hammock back and forth. Both dogs are running like crazed beasts through the sagebrush while puffs of smoke emanate from the grill and the smell of perfectly cooked steaks alongside a Dutch oven of my fresh peach cobbler makes my mouth water.  Have your Dutch oven mitts handy and get in line first, at least in my camp.

steaks on the grill

Camp is set up and life is good.  Adding to our evening’s entertainment we typically pick a board or card game to play as a family. Board games, cards, and a few good books are a big part of this family's camping tradition. I especially appreciate games that get the “ole noodle” working.  This trip happens to be a mixture of crazy eights, old maid, and a deck building game based on DC comics.

dc deckbuilding

In the DC comics game, we each take on the role of our favorite superhero, or you can choose randomly if you wish to follow the rules.  Starting with basic cards we attempt to purchase better ones in the hope of defeating villains and super villains. For each battle and purchase, we are rewarded with victory points to be added up at the end of the game. Players may also defend themselves with specific cards and create incredible effect loops to gain power.  All in all a straight forward game that is easily played in 30-40 minutes.  An excellent YouTube video can be found, well, on YouTube.


The game almost reminds me of Legendary from Upper Deck.  For Camping trips on my tiny table, I definitely prefer DC, even if only based on setup and cleanup.  If you remember Legendary it was quite a mess.  DC is easy to teach to new players, not just from the basics but also easy to pick up a strategy to become a competitive player.  DC is a completely competitive game, there is no co-op (unless you add your own rules.)  Don't get me wrong, DC is still plenty complex enough to keep your mind working.


Each superhero has special abilities and unique powers that open up different strategies to the player. This is one of my favorite aspects of the game as I like to see my 10-year-old planning what he will do next and then three or four turns down the road. Combos based on superhero and super power add to the mix as some strategies become overpowered with the right cards.

dc comic on amazon

Another of my favorite aspects of this game, as well as other deck building games with the Cerberus engine, is the ability to mix the various games from my entire collection. This gives the option of a super battle between various fantasy worlds and superheroes.  Ever wonder what happens when your favorite superhero meets up with your favorite hobbit?  All you have to do is play to find out.


There are 214 standard size cards in the set as well as seven oversized. Be sure to get a few sets of cards sleeves to protect your investment.  Grab a set of Grip-Tight Locking Laces to secure around your games as you travel, smart investment tip.

Be Outdoors, Be Playful, and Share Your Adventures!



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