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Did You Get Those Pants on Sale?


Genuine Gear Men's Ripstop Tactical Trousers

big elk lake meadow

The wind is kicking up.  As it blows through the trees it gathers the years first light powdery snow and presses it oh so carefully into every crack and crevice in my outerwear. Now, not being one to hike around the mountains in a snowmobile suit, I tend to be the Joker who looks like he's out for an early spring hike with my t-shirt, hammock, and a diet coke at the ready. I have already told you of my fondness for wool longjohns, a good base layer is hard to beat. What about pants?


Your trouser selection could be the difference between a happy day of hiking, and several days of misery after the hike. I am fairly selective about what pants I wear while hiking and one of my all-time favorites are the standard BSA nylon uniform pants. However, I purchased six pair many years ago on closeout for five dollars each with free shipping, that's a no-brainer. At the regular price of just over 50 bucks, I personally wouldn't touch them. There are a couple of small issues, one being there convertible and I do not like convertible pants.  The other is they are terribly thin. If you happen to be on the lookout for convertible pants and don't mind Boy Scout green then you should look them up.  Otherwise, this post is going to look at the pants that I prefer when I have to spend my own hard-earned money.  I want pants that combined with the little water repellent and a good base layer are the perfect choice for any time of the year and my spare set never have to be taken out of my pack.  BTW - I use my elastic shoe laces to secure my clothing roll and other items in my pack, keeps things organized!

late fall hike

Genuine Gear Men's Ripstop Tactical Trouser are 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This is an excellent combination for truly durable hiking pants. They're also very lightweight and dry rather quickly as needed. They fit true to size, which believe it or not is rather important.  They sit naturally about mid-rise waist without sagging in the crotch.  The cargo pockets on the side have an open-top between them and the pant leg known as a stash pocket.  I use my stash pocket frequently, it is of ample size for a small tablet (roughly 7 inches) or your cell phone. I do not use a stash pocket for important things as there's no closure on top but it is excellent for stashing puppy treats. The cargo pocket are secure and perfect for your straw filter or balaclava.

Again I mentioned the water repellent, the brand I prefer is Star Brite Waterproofing With PTEF.  Now – Notice I said water repellant and the bottle says waterproofing…  Draw from that your own conclusion but know that I love the product.   I find a good coating knee down and around my hind end gives the protection desired.  More on that later… let’s talk pants.


I like how lightweight and breathable these pants are, perfect for summer hikes. With a good base layer underneath these trousers also perform well in late fall and early spring or as a layer underneath your snow pants or coveralls for hard-core winter outings. They are lightweight and not at all bulky, which is one of those attributes where many of the cargo type trousers I have worn fail. The construction also lends itself to a very limber pant, they move with you and do not bind.

genuine gear

Durability is excellent, my current duo has around 200 miles on them and has yet to fail me. You may think that that is not an achievement, but if you've seen how many times I fall down a mountain on a hike you would understand that this is quite the feat.  I have also been appreciative of their ability to shed most burrs, another quality which increases durability and longevity. 

Give them a chance if you are in the market for some new adventuring pants!


Be Happy, Be Well Dressed, and Share Your Adventures... Include the Kids!





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