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Charbroil's X200 Grill2Go


When You Need Only Cook 1/4 Beef.

x200 grill2go review

This past week I was looking for a smaller grill to carry around in my RV. More and more my older boys are staying home and there are only three of us traveling. As much as I love my double burner camp chef and my barbecue grill box that goes on top, that's a lot of work to cook three burgers. For those of you spend a lot of time in your RV, you know during the summer, heating up the RV by cooking inside is not a lot of fun. So with that said I set out on a quest to find the best miniature grill I could find, and possibly something to eat.

x200 grill2go review

I have been a fan of Charbroil's indirect heat on their grills for many years. I have a large patio grill made by charbroil that utilizes this technology. I have used several small grills in the past, the hibachi styles, both charcoal and gas, and have not been impressed.  Some of the travel grills can get quite pricey but after a quick scan of what was available, I landed on the grill2go X200 and a chef salad.

x200 grill2go review

If you would like, I can save you some time. The grill is awesome go by one.  If that didn't convince you I will continue on.  This is a good time to kick back in your hammock.

x200 grill2go review

First off the packaging. I appreciate a neatly packaged product that's easy for me to get into. Not like the scissors which are packed in plastic that you need scissors to get into.  All too often smaller items are hidden in Styrofoam and small bags in places where they get lost or never truly found. Not the case here, this baby is packaged clean and easy to remove, almost as well as my water purifiers.

Assembly is always another issue. I have found over the years that I am much more talented than the engineers many of these larger companies employ. I am able to put together the equipment they send me with far fewer pieces than they believed necessary. I have always been a very efficient person.


The grill is simple, comes with a stainless steel grill, the aluminum outer assembly, a greased pan, gas valve, grill scraper, and the necessary documentation. The grill works with 1 pound propane cans and can be adapted for larger propane canisters. It just so happens that I already had the hose assembly to attach to a 20-pound propane tank.

x200 grill2go review

The grill has a push-button electric ignition that works wonderfully.  The grill fired up quick and reach temperature (which you can read on the neatly installed temperature gauge on top of the lid) quickly as the 9500 BTU flames singed my fingertips.  (Yes I was playing where I shouldn't have been.)

x200 grill2go review

Temperature control is really basic on the grill, a single dial on the valve adjusts the flame from high to low.  With the lid closed the grill heats up fast and stays hot.  I prefer a ported feature so I can adjust and let heat out as I wish, so I may add one of those myself.  The grill comes apart easily for cleaning and I like that the stainless steel grill top can be removed and washed in my sink or dishwasher.  The larger propane tank hose is sold separately, but you will want one, so go get one to begin with.

x200 grill2go review heat controll

For my first experiment, I raided my garden and decided to grill up some green salsa. Again let me offer you a time-saving. This grilled green salsa was quite possibly the most heavenly thing I've ever eaten. I was in serious fear of being translated directly into the presence of gods with the bowl of salsa in my hand.  That is a story for another time.

grilled green salsa

All in all the grill is exactly what I wanted, lightweight, no flare-ups from direct flame, easy to assemble, affordable, and small enough to fit in one of my RV cubbies. 


Be happy, Be healthy, BeBQ... and share your adventures!



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