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Oven Mitts on Steroids! Not your Mom's Silicone Gloves.

By Dutch oven oven mitts silicone gloves

Dutch Oven Mitts!

It is no secret that I love my Dutch Oven. Not only is it a favorite pastime, but a great way for me to give back to family and friends. I have always felt serving a meal to someone, sharing a bit of yourself and your home, or camp, made for lasting friendships. There doesn’t seem to be a problem that a tasty meal, comfort or gourmet, can’t solve. If you do happen to find such an issue, bust out a cobbler, it is a game changer.

I am also a techie, and for the most part, I can refrain from endless gadgets, especially if all they have going for them is the “new” factor. I do enjoy a product that does what it should and can also multi-task. On a trip to my in-laws, I was introduced to the world of Silicone BBQ Grill Gloves. These things are Oven Mitts on steroids, not your typical Oven Mitt. I soon learned if you slap a friend's arm while wearing them, and then pull downward, they make an excellent hair removal tool. Aren’t you excited to be my friend? That experience made for an interesting game of strategy. Anyway, I thought they were cool!

dutch oven cooking and recipes
Enter the first problem, my XXL hands. OK, not a deal breaker, someone has to be willing to make a slightly larger size. The second issue, they seemed a little thin. Yes, I could grab the cookies from the oven and handle 400˚F temperatures, but not for long. Surely someone will make a thicker version. So time to contact some friends!

  silicone glove


Silicone Gloves with Attitude!

In true Haggard™ fashion I made some calls and requests and “viola” a pair shows up for testing. Well, the temperature issue is taken care of with the thicker silicone, this oven mitt is tough. The problem is that like most others it was stiff and fit well XL not so well on the small. So how about a material to accommodate smaller hands but allow for more elasticity to fit my XXL hands. Piece O’ Cake! A few more calls and requests later, and it fits! I am sure you will be happy with the end result as well.

I use my Oven Mitts for lifting lids off my Dutch oven. I use it while maneuvering my Grill Chimney and lighting coals. These silicone gloves are FDA approved and BPA free so they are great for moving meats on the grill, and shredding as well. You can even reach into the hot water and grab corn on the cob or a potato. Grabbing, flipping and manipulating meats, veggies or shish kababs have never been easier.

dutch oven cooking and recipes
I use mine outside the food realm as well. Changing a lightbulb, taking lids off cans, or any other task requiring a bit of an extra grip. I keep a pair in my fishing box, they are waterproof and great for keeping your hands out of the water and off the fish. Moving a log on the fire is yet another usage at camp. Like the original use where I found them, they work great in the garden as well. No one wants the Pete smell on their hands!

oven mitts, silicone gloves

They are also dishwasher safe! Clean them up after each use or have a couple pair for food and non-food usage, that’s what I do. If you have teenagers, these gloves are a great prop for Slap-Fight Saturday’s! What? You don’t have Slap-Fight Saturday’s? That my friends is a tale for another time. Give these great Silicone Gloves a try, they aren’t your mom’s Oven Mitts!

 silicone glove

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