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Never Get Burned! Haggard Cool-Grip Silicone BBQ Grill & Oven Gloves with Heat Protection


Silicone Gloves, Oven Mitts.

On a chilly evening sitting on my back porch, I watch the soft golden rays of the sun fade to orange and red and finally purple. Soft white tufts of steam break the seal on my cast iron Dutch oven, wafting tiny signals of decadent aromas through my olfactory. I sip my favorite soda and inhale deeply collecting the savory story I am about to relate to my palate. Reaching down, I flick the handle up and grab it with a cloth hot pad hand made just for me by my dear ole mother.

Within a few seconds the small bale wire heated by many coals over the past hour sizzles, burns, and melts through the doily to my hand. The vaporous signals of deliciousness have seized control of my mind and will not allow me to drop the kettle of jubilation. Instead new vapors and hints of my own charred flesh must reach my senses begging them to release the bail. I reach the table and set down the oven. I remove the lid as the pleasant aroma commences first aid on the pain in my hand.

I would love to tell you that this happened once and never again. I would like to say to you I'm a man who learns from his mistakes, and usually, I am. Not so much when it comes to aromatic and savory dishes I create within my small piece of heaven known as the patio in the Rose Garden.

Dutch oven Cooking.
I have however found a solution even my unbending desires cannot bypass. I am happy to present the Haggard™ Cool-Grip™ silicone barbecue and grill glove. I had tried other BBQ gloves in the past and was slightly disappointed that although they were heat resistant, they could not stand up to my Dutch oven or even a cookie sheet for a prolonged period of time, and the sizing was off. So I partnered with one of the world's premier silicone glove manufacturers and investigated the possibility of a design slightly thicker. I bring to you a little beefier grill glove with a better fit and more heat resistance. This new item is a staple at my grill, BBQ, and Dutch oven get-togethers.

Silicone BBQ Grill Glove
Having spent much of my life in the information technology field, I am not one for a gadget that's a one trick pony. I also keep a set of Cool-Grips in my ice fishing kit, my water fouling Kit, and on the boat. They are truly waterproof and do not absorb odors. The Cool-Grips are great for handling hot pans and pots, grilled meat, pulling apart pork and other barbecue roasts, reaching into boiling water to remove a potato or corn on the cob, and I even use them in the rose garden to avoid that peat moss smell.

I also made sure they were manufactured with the highest quality FDA approved silicone, BPA free. That all sounds nice but the good news is that it translates into no foul rubber smell like some other gloves. Give them a try and I'm sure you will be impressed.


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