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Water Filter Straw, Inexpensive, Durable, Lightweight, Functional!

By water filter water purifier

Personal Water Filter or Life Straw

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the whole “Filter Straw” craze. I then found a couple of practical reasons and uses to keep one handy. Water quality when I am out camping and tailgating, even from potable sources, can vary greatly. Water needs and usage also vary, especially if your group is like mine and contains lots of little ones. So an easy solution is to keep a filter in the truck. The straw is an inexpensive way to do just that.

The true usefulness comes out when you attach your straw to a 2L bottle or your hydration pack for quick unattended filtering. Gravity is a wondrous thing.   I can set up camp or my dinner area and filter water all at the same time, from a stream or lake, or even from the public utility at the park. Whichever way I choose I get great tasting water.

The straw also works great for your preparedness shelf. We have all had to deal with our public water getting fouled and the various warnings that accompany these situations. Well, attach your straw to a hose from the sink, or use the 2L bottle and Hydration pack method and your water source is pure again. Or how about an inexpensive guarantee that your water storage is pure. Attach the straw to a small hose and filter what you need.

Bottom line, the straw isn’t just for packing and hiking trips. It serves many functions around the home and tailgating group as well. Get one HERE.




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