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Eating Well Pt. 2 - Snacks and Lunch

By Dutch oven

backpacking snacks to eat in your camping hammockSnacking gets old fast if all you are eating is GORP. Remember the nutrition profile from my previous article I am trying to achieve? Here is where nuts, fruits, nut butter, homemade jerky, and tortillas come in handy! OK, now is a good time to share my dirty little secret, Oats. LOL – Yes, I put oats in my peanut and almond butter and put that on a tortilla. The PB&O mixes well together if you grind your oats into flour. I also use corn masa occasionally. Protein powders can be mixed with the nut butter, but only at the moment you are going to eat them, do not store protein powders after mixing, they spoil fast and grow, nasty things happen. Of course, I am a big kid at heart so no PB&O would be done without a bit of jelly and a glass of milk. I pack powdered milk and on occasion a jelly bag or two, although I prefer dried cherries in my PB&O. I get them at Costco and add the cherries to muffins, pancakes, GORP, and of course my PB&O.

homemade jerky for the camp tripSnacks can and should include feel-good foods. I like snickers. Hey, some food is good for the body and some food is good for the soul. Bring on the soul food! I also like Kind bars, love ‘em actually. Homemade granola bars and oat or almond cookies also top my list. Yes, I will include camping recipes on my site ;)

snacks for camp or hammockMost folks don’t want to cook at lunchtime, I do. I like to find a tree and sit in my camping hammock in the shade. Soup and a sandwich are a great traditional lunch. Bagels pack well, as do tortillas for sandwiches. Rather you purchase or make your own, look at the ingredients and find a product that matches your needs. Hard cheeses and meats pack well, although they are high in fat and cholesterol so again, make sure they fit your need. I generally make my own “soup mix” at home and pre-package it. Instant barley with veggies and broth. As with all the recipes in my cookbook, “I’m in Dutch!” - I use a lot of spice for big flavors.

food dehydrator for camping recipes homemadeIf you are an on the go “luncher”, whole grain crackers, hard tack, and cheese will be your friend. Never underestimate condiments at his point. I have a hard time balancing nutritional needs and variety when eating on the go, so for me, a quick stop to smell the flowers is always in order. To each his own, mix and match as you will.  Many camping recipes found at www.wadehaggard.com.



Happy Trails!

wade p. haggard, author and outdoor enthusiest

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