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Stuffed Lasagna Pizza.

By Dutch oven

No, it is not ketogenic, gluten-free, diabetic friendly, or healthy in any way, but it will make you smile.

stuffed lasagna pizza in the dutch oven

OK, so I get that I overuse the phrase: “is there anything better?”  But frankly my life is a lot like, “The best thing you ever ate, the never-ending episode.”  So when I start thinking about my favorite lasagna, and for some reason at the same time start craving my favorite pizza, well there's bound to be a culinary crash of some sort.  Think of it is a gastro-atomic mushroom cloud of Italian-American fusion.  However, there are no mushrooms in this dish, and right now I am wondering why.

layer provolone

This is the section of my post where I would normally describe the bright and vibrant flavors of the ripe tomato with just enough acidic after bite to cleanse the palate while giving way to the rich and earthy beef aroma that is overwhelmed with creamy smooth textures of the melted mozzarella, and don't forget the hint of smoke on the subsiding wave from our provolone. Unfortunately, I crammed a hot piece of pizza in my mouth and totally burned myself on the lava cheese.

add your favorite sauce

It is most important that you pay special attention to your meat mixture. The meat mixture is what gives the lasagna flavor and texture to the pie. If you know me I am a big proponent of beefy onion & Worcestershire sauce when cooking ground beef. You will find the flavor accentuated if you use these two ingredients. A tablespoon of Worcestershire and one packet beefy onion for every 2 pounds of ground beef works perfectly.

lasagna meat mixture

The remainder of the ingredients can be your personal preference.  My sweetheart does not like sauce added to the pizza, and if she did it would be homemade sauce not bottled. Homemade dough would also be an upgrade, but if we wanted to go hard-core we would also make homemade mozzarella and homemade noodles. You must remember I am usually with a troop of Boy Scouts when cooking and at least half of them will drop their pizza in the dirt before eating it, so all that homemade work, other than for the sake of teaching the young men which we do frequently, would be in vain. 

building layers in the dutch oven



1 Pizza Dough

1lb Pre-Cooked Lasagna Noodles

1 lb Mozzarella

½ lb Provolone

1 c Pizza Sauce (spaghetti)

2 ½ cups Lasagna Meat Mixture

  • Ground Beef
  • Italian Rub from “I’m in Dutch!”
  • Beefy Onion
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Spinach
  • Italian Tomatoes
  • Onion

 carbalicious dutch oven overload

Start by spreading your pizza dough in the bottom of your Dutch oven. If you like thinner crust use a single layer of dough. If by chance you like a thicker crust, double up. If you want an interesting trick that's a lot of fun, you can roll string cheese into the outer edges of the crust. My family loves stuffed crust pizzas and it works well. Another variation on the stuffed crust is to place one layer of dough brushed with garlic butter, and provolone or mozzarella in a thin layer, and then add a second layer of dough on top. For the purposes of this pizza, I didn't do anything fancy, I blame the hunger pains.


Place provolone on the base layer to prevent soggy bottom. No one likes a soggy bottom, however, that is probably not a discussion you wish to have right now while preparing your food. Another way to create a soggy pizza is to overfill with ingredients. If you're like me you will want to add as much as possible with the grand vision of a gigantic stuffed pizza. Resist the urge to overfill!  You will be much happier following the “less is more” philosophy.  Build layers, I found 2 to be optimal for the desired outcome.

2 layers is plenty in the dutch oven


Bake @ 425˚F for 25 - 30 minutes.  If you're using coals on a 14-inch Dutch oven that is approximately 34 to 36 coals. The bottom only takes 10 to 15 min. to cook thoroughly.  After the first 10-15 move all the coals to the top. At this point you will want to keep a close eye on your pizza, time to complete will vary based on how thick you made it, how many layers you used, how saucy the pizza is, and the weather. Another 10 to 15 minutes usually fits the bill.

If you let the pizza rest and cool a little bit it will slice easier and more neatly...

If you are at my house that isn't happening.

*Again, a gentle reminder from my Hunny not to use bottled sauce, it is far too sweet, much like me I would imagine.  For those of you who are not around me all the time, use the sauce, you could use some sweetness

Be friendly, Be happy, Be spontaneous, and share your adventures!





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