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Something Fishy This Way Comes...


Salmon on the Grill

grilled salmon

All it takes is the “WHOOSH” of flaming propane to put a smile on my face from ear to ear. My mouth is watering like the flow from a straw filter and my eyes are as wide as saucers anticipating the feast of yumminess headed my way. I get this way every time I fire up the grill or use my Dutch oven, often a tear is involved. On the menu tonight I'm looking at wild caught salmon and some lightly grilled asparagus. A favorite combination and so simple that it's easy to throw together last-minute. However, your guests will never know you didn't plan for hours. This is a top shelf meal in both nutrition and presentation.

on the grill and ready to go

Start off with enough fillet of salmon, be sure it is wild caught, for you and your guests.  A good rule of thumb is 6 to 8 ounces per person. At my house we have large appetites, so 8 to 12 ounces is a little more realistic. If you happen to be a fisherman such as myself, fresh salmon is the best way to go. Large trout from one of my back-country expeditions may also find its way to the grill and is an excellent substitute. A quality salmon fillet requires very little in the way of seasoning. The additional ingredients are quite simple: lime, dill, and seasoned salt.  I prefer to add pepper at the table if desired.

ice fishing with my buddy

Start off by giving your salmon a spritzing of lime and lime zest. Add the dill lightly across the fillets and then sprinkle generously with seasoned salt.  The seasoned salt will add some subtle flavors of garlic and onion, but they are very subtle.  Let your salmon sit at room temperature for 15 min. before grilling.  You can use your extra time waiting for the grill to fire up, and your salmon to reach room temperature to hang out in your hammock and enjoy a tasty beverage.

smoky goodness

Next clean and break your asparagus. Remember that if you hold each end close to the tip and bend, the stock it will naturally break were supposed to. Lightly sprinkle with olive oil, lime juice and zest, and a touch of seasoned salt. The flavors should mimic, support, and enhance the flavor of the salmon. Cover and set these aside as well at room temperature for at least 15 minutes.

of the grill and time to eat

Preheat your grill to Uber hot.  Using a wadded up washcloth dipped in cooking oil, use your tongs to lightly oil the grill grate. Wear your Dutch Oven Mitts for heat protection, or if you want to impersonate Batman.  These fine Dutch oven mitts are also suitable for your Darth Vader costume.  Your neighbors will think twice about visiting after they hear you accuse the salmon fillet of being "...part of the rebel alliance and a traitor." Salmon retaining its skin is not only nutritious but you will be rewarded with less stickadge on the grill. Once your grill has reached Uber hot temperatures reduce the heat to medium and gently lay salmon fillets skin down on the grate.


The salmon needs to cook for about 15 min., if it's really thick maybe 20. Do not overcook unless you really enjoy super dry fish.  Our asparagus needs to go on the grill for about 5 min., they cook really quick. Throw them on right at the end of the salmon cooking time so you can serve your meal timely and warm.  You can also do this meal in the Dutch oven, see "I'm in Dutch!" for more details.


Be healthy Be active, and on occasion Be fishy, and share your adventures.





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