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Dinosaurs in Moab?


Passed by many times, I finally stop and see what's up...

When approaching the land of slick rock and giant red arches, the roadside is speckled with signs and billboards reminding you, “You are in Dino Country!”  It’s true, Utah has many opportunities for Dino adventuring, from museums to hillside “Dino tracks”, one can hike and even swim to them if you find yourself at Red Fleet Reservoir (a family favorite btw.)  On this adventure, we find ourselves in Moab Utah, a hub for all things Jeep, Rock, and Raft.  What you may not realize, is Moab also has a strong elastic tether to your friendly neighborhood T-Rex and friends.

Moab Giants came to be when paleontologists camped out here in hammocks and began a search making noteworthy findings of fossils about 30 years ago.  This most excellent Dino-Park is the result of both scientists and Dino enthusiasts. The park boasts of 100 life size Dino recreations, a 3D movie theater, a 3D paleo theater, a museum, and the walking path through the creatures.  Each piece of the park is interesting enough, and the kid will have a blast at one of several dig sites found along the pathway.  I found the children unwilling to share and one little kid bit me when I tried to borrow his shovel, so, be wary of the rug rats.

The life-size creatures were definitely a favorite in my group.  The walk is short and the path easily followed.  Small rest stops have water, misters, and shade to provide a bit of relief from Moab’s hotter-than-hates summers, also good for hanging a hammock.  Picture opportunities arise at each corner, and with red rock cliffs as the background, the scenery seems a bit prehistoric.  Several power poles and a railroad track bring your mind back to the present anytime you get close to panicking while cowering below one of the many giant recreations.

The museum, paleo, and information theaters are a nice addition, and while I would not leave them out, they are not on par with some of Utah’s other Dino exhibits.  Don’t get me wrong, the park as a whole stands strong and your clan will appreciate the visit.  All areas are well maintained and clean, including the restrooms.  No need to pack in your own toiletries, and after I had a small discussion with a park employee now realize what the dig sites are intended for. Ages up to 14 will be most intrigued, but the few “angstee” teens in our group did OK as well and even managed to break a smile and a giggle on more than one occasion.


Prices are a bit steep, which is in line with an attraction of this type.  Bring your own lunch and drink or be prepared to spend a small fortune.  There are many places close by to picnic and do some Dutch oven cooking alongside cliff faces and in view of several arches.


Be Happy, Be Jurassic, and Share Your Adventures... Include the Kids!



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