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A Keto Success Story, with Cookies.


Because Everything is Better with Cookies.


How satisfying is realizing your plane is landing 30 min. ahead of schedule?  Given the expectation of having to run from one side of the airport to the other in order to catch the next flight, the event is especially sweet. The jubilation swells and yet another of the small things in life yield unexpected satisfaction.   With a smile on my face, I turn off airplane mode and begin to text my wife.

 walk to get healthy

That's when the world comes crumbling down and the captain informs us that our intended gate is busted and that we must sit on the tarmac until it's fixed.  Small downer if you ask me, but all will be well in due time, I mean I've got an extra 30 min. right? All is not well, once the gate is fixed it appears we can't find a gate operator. You would think they would plan for such things, gate operators. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the controls at the gate, there is a joystick and two buttons. Where in the world would we be able to find someone talented enough to utilize a joystick and two buttons? It seems silly that in today's techno-crammed world, lack of joystick skills would be the hindrance.  Perhaps we could find someone with catching skills to go nab us one.

Long story short, in my travels, I have missed out on providing a timely update on my Keto journey.  So, below please find my belated update written as though it were two weeks ago… (yes, I am making scooby doo time travel noises in my mind)


I love telling people about my crazy high-fat diet. 70% fat 30% protein and no more than 25 g of carbohydrates per day.   Most folk look at me as though I'm insane, and then ask if upon my demise they can have their personal favorite “Wade item.”  I chuckle because I know I'm doing well and I'm feeling well. So let's look at what's happened:


8 weeks ago:

285lbs, Cholesterol TTL=253, Tri=113, HDL=49, LDL=181


245lbs, Cholesterol TTL=230, Tri=86, HDL=51, LDL=168


Those are just facts, numbers that relate to my health. They don't describe how I'm feeling nor the need to continually improve and a desire to share with anyone and everyone who seems to be in the same pain I was before I started. (I am always kind irritated by those folks.  Are you?)  But I have to tell somebody.  I mean this is big stuff, we're talking 40 pounds of fat falling off my body and the reconditioning of my cholesterol levels in eight weeks.  Who among us would not want to know the secret?  Do the numbers tell the entire story?


How Do I Feel?

Incredible, in a word.  I am not one of those who tends to preach and convert, but I am here to tell you, I feel good, I feel found.

“Found? WTH does that mean Wade, ya damn hippie.”

Calm down my redneck friend, I have found a lifestyle I can live with, literally.  When you think about the percentages of fat and protein combined with the limited carbohydrates it doesn't sound all that impressive or healthy but we look at a sample meal plan for the day it changes your perspective.  I have included my workout times only to reference the reasoning behind when I eat.


Breakfast –

Bulletproof beverage, your favorite coffee, chai or other Tea, possibly sugar-free cocoa and the addition of MCT, coconut oil, and cream.  I usually have a 30 g protein shake alongside my bulletproof beverage.

Snack –

Almonds or macadamia nuts, or equivalent nut butter of the all natural sort, and a couple of squares of bitter dark chocolate. (86%)

Workout 1 Time

Lunch –

Spinach, kale, avocado, and broccoli salad with pepperoncini.  I add grilled chicken, usually dark meat for fat content and to get 30 g of protein.  This salad is excellent with homemade ranch or blue cheese (be conscientious of sugar in dressing.)

Snack –

Celery, cucumber, sliced radish, sliced zucchini or summer squash, cheese, and fatty dressing for dipping.

Workout 2 Time

Dinner –

4 ounces of fatty meat, fish is preferred, and enough vegetables or salad to reach my 25 g of carbohydrates for the day. (Possibly a keto cookie)

 dutch oven cooking and recipes

In reality, I eat a ton of vegetables.  You would be surprised that the net result for most of them is just a handful of calories and carbohydrates.  I eat more fish, avocado, macadamia, and almonds than I have before in my life, and don't forget I'm constantly sipping water.  All in all the fat content scares people off but the vast majority is coming from sources that are beneficial.  My intake is coming from natural foods, I avoid processed foods and oils outside of what I have listed.

The key to this diet seems to be more what I no longer eat.  What isn't in the picture?


Sugar and anything that contains sugar.  Yes, it really is the devil, but that my friend is another conversation for another time...



Almond Keto-Cookies

 keto approved almond cookies

2 cups almond flour

1 stick butter

½ c sugar equivalent (Splenda)

1 tsp almond extract

Dash of salt

Mix together and drop into 12 small cookies on a baking sheet (or your dutch oven)

Bake 15 minutes at 350


Bake up some Keto-Cookies, they really are delicious. Focus on your own personal goals, do some research and listen to your body. For me, it is all about feeling better and being prepared to be active. I have a lot of hiking in my future and some young men that are counting on me to keep up with them. Be healthy, be happy, make excellent decisions, and share your adventures.



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