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Dutch Oven Pizza Pinwheels


Another Great Dutch Oven Idea

dutch oven pizza

Sometimes it is a little bit of fun to throw a curve ball at a traditional favorite. Pizza is always a winner and my favorite parts are always the crispy cheese bits on the edges, so I am going to create lots of edges! My boys and my scouts love a bit of change from the traditional as well. You can easily fit and cook a dozen in a Dutch oven. As with all my recipes, you can create these at home, at camp, or at your next tailgating party. Be sure to have your Silicone Gloves handy, and be careful with the hot Dutch. Relax with your favorite soda and hang out in your camping hammock while you cook!

The recipe is simple:

dutch oven cooking pizza

  • I use a quick pizza dough from the market and spice it up with a bit of sauce “doctored” with 1tsp. Red pepper flakes, a touch of 1T Worcestershire, and 1T Italian seasoning blend.
  • Add a touch more of the herb mix after you’ve spread the sauce and then add cheese, Mozzarella is great, a blend works as well.
  • Toppings are up to you; I am going classic with pepperoni.
  • Roll it up like tight like a cinnamon roll and slice into rounds.
  • Place in a well-greased Dutch oven, add some extra pep and cheese.
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 400˚F, use your Silicone Oven Mitts to move the Dutch safely.
  • *I like to put all my coals on top for the last 5 minutes or so to really crisp up the cheese.
  • Serve with extra sauce for dipping, as a meal or a side dish to some great Dutch oven lasagna.

*Don’t worry if you spill on your camping hammock, they are completely washable ;)

dutch oven cookbook pizza pinwheel
Check out my Dutch oven cookbook, “I’m in Dutch! A Laugh Out Loud Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking.”


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