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Dutch oven Pulled Pork


Pulled Pork in the Dutch Oven!

Pulled pork sandwiches are a fan favorite at any gathering. Both tasty and economical, it is easy to feed a large group or prepare a few meals in a single cooking session. Sandwiches are just the start, pulled pork makes for a great taco as well, especially if you slap it on the griddle and give it a bit of a crisp. Fresh salsa and a touch of lime bring home the flavors. Let your imagination run wild and give this tasty and easy recipe a try.

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Before we get going with the recipe, now is a good time to warm up some coals in your charcoal chimney. Since this is going to be a long slow cook at about 300°F, I will be using 24 coals for my 14-inch Dutch oven. 10 of those I put on bottom, 14 of those I put on top. Now since it's winter here in Utah, this will get me to about 300°.

I'm going to be using the minion method to minimize the amount of time I spend switching out coals. I go into this process in greater detail in my book. However, this picture should give you the general idea. I will also be using my Cool-Grip silicone gloves to handle the Dutch and the chimney. Later I will use a clean pair to shred the meat. They are dishwasher safe but I keep a second pair just for food.

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The most important part of this recipe is the rub. This is one of my personal favorites for pork, several other recipes for rubs are included in “I'm in Dutch!”



  • T Peppercorns
  • T Mustard Seeds
  • T Chili Flake
  • T Beef Bullion
  • 3 Bay Leaves
  • T Ginger Ground
  • T Onion Powder
  • T Garlic Powder
  • 2T Seasoned Salt


I use a coffee grinder for all my spice grinding needs. You can purchase a specialized herb grinder, but they tend to be expensive. My coffee grinder was picked up at the local supermarket for less than 10 bucks. Place all of your chunky spices in your grinder. Grind it all up in your herb grinder and mix it well. There should be no chunks and it should be well mixed.

Next road going to moisten the roast with a bit of liquid.

  • 2T Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 dashes liquid smoke

Sprinkle the liquid on the shoulder and RUB in the RUB!

Pretty simple. Place the roast fat cap up in your Dutch oven. Place the lid on top making sure it is sealed properly. When slow cooking meats a proper seal on the top is critical. Be careful not to touch the edge of your Dutch with the roast as it will create a leak in the seal. Or if you're clumsy like me just be sure to wipe off the edges and the lid before you seat it.

Now it's time to place our coals and cook. At home throw the Dutch oven as centered as possible in your conventional oven and cook at 300˚F for 4 Hours. When the roast is done, let it stand for 20 minutes away from the heat. If you're out camping and it's cold at that time down to 5 min. Read a good book while you wait!

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 Now Shred! Get out your Silicone Gloves and shred the roast in its own juices. If you prefer, you can remove the fat cap and any excess fat. I prefer to leave it mixed in. For a sandwich pick your favorite roll and hit the meat with a little barbecue sauce, maybe even a pile of coleslaw. For tacos cook up a couple of corn tortillas while you put a crisp on some of that delicious pork. Add some salsa cilantro and a touch of lime. There really isn't a way to go wrong.



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