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Hot Wing Chicken Sammies in the Dutch Oven


Dutch Oven Hot Wings

A chicken wing dinner, without the mess? Count me in! Hot Wing Sammies combine all the flavors and attitude of my favorite game time treat in a less finger sticking good kind of way! And they are environmentally friendly, think of all the paper towels you will save.

I am Wade Haggard author of “I'm in Dutch! A Laugh Out Loud Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking.” I’ve never met a chicken wing I didn’t like… wait, in fairness I’ve never met a chicken wing I didn’t eat. Great big spicy flavors combined with a tasty blue cheese slaw make for an excellent meal without the need for a shower afterward. This simple treat will make you the life of the party, tailgating, at camp or watching the game at home.

Dutch Oven Wing Recipe

dutch oven cooking and recipes

Let’s start with some killer wing sauce:

⅔ c hot sauce
½ c melted butter
tsp vinegar
tsp Worcestershire
¼ tsp cayenne
1T brown sugar
½ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp onion powder

The other Ingredients:

2T olive oil
3lbs chicken breast
Salt and Pepper (dash of each)
Sammie rolls
Blue cheese slaw (cabbage and your fav blue cheese dressing)

Mix spices sauce butter and brown sugar, set aside
Add olive oil to Dutch Oven
Salt and pepper chicken breasts and add layer in Dutch
Cover in sauce

At about 400F cook for 45 min, 28 coals on top and 12 coals on bottom

dutch oven cooking

Shred chicken with your Haggard Silicone Gloves.

silicone bbq gloves shredding meat

Place chicken on a toasted roll with a touch of blue cheese slaw

This is a tasty dinner or lunch and can easily be made at camp or a tailgating party.
Check out “I’m in Dutch!” for more great recipes.

dutch oven hot wing recipe

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