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Ketogenic Cheesecake? Smile and Say Please!


Dutch Oven for Healthy Cooking pt. II – Keto Cheesecake anyone?

*First an update on my KetoDiet


Yesterday was my first day back at the gym since starting the Keto-diet.  The week prior was filled with interruptions, so yoga and isometrics were my only workouts, no gym.  My Monday gym routine focuses on upper body and ends with deadlift sets to hit the entire body, followed by cardio.  The result was incredible.  I lifted heavier and longer, my dead-lift went up 2 reps a set and I finished with 20 minutes on the elliptical then 20 on the treadmill.  I could have kept on keeping on, but work was calling.  Balance in all things.  No blackout, you carb loading sugar lovers like me know what I mean.  No feelings of nausea, I am impressed, very impressed.  I feel great, the joint pain this morning was far less than normal.

good fats

A word on Fats, I do my best to eat clean fats.  What are clean fats in my book?  Avocados, Coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, almonds, eggs, and grass fed saturated all fall within the realm of “clean” in my world.  Knowing my body, I know I am not a candidate for those Keto-Diets including bacon and hot dogs.  Clean diets, in my opinion, must be founded on whole foods.

Typically, based on my readings, the Keto change takes 4-6 weeks.  Given my low GI diet 6 weeks prior, I may have transferred a bit easier.  I have had no headaches as some report, I didn’t feel tired, frankly I was almost instantly energized.  I am 4lbs down from last week, good news but we need a few more weeks of data to be super happy as my water weight fluctuates a good 4 – 6lbs daily pretty easily.

*Fast-forward one week in the life of Wade.

hiking the waterfall

Over the weekend, the scouts and I went on a nice little hike. Rain and some snow at high elevation caught up to us as did the mud. On the way down I took quite a tumble bruising my hip, knee, and breaking my pinky finger. Luckily our bodies are smart enough to save themselves, a little bit of shock goes a long way and I felt no pain until a couple hours later at home. Everyone had a great time, the views were spectacular, and no permanent injury, other than a lost chance to veg in my hammock at 9800ft.

Today I woke up after two weeks of my new diet and I weighed in at 265. That is down another 6 pounds this past week. My hydration levels are excellent, power is good, and joint pain is minimal. Once again I have to say I am impressed. I wouldn't have believed a fat filled diet would provide the energy I need for activities such as high elevation hiking, and dead-lifts. I will be continuing for the next couple of weeks to follow the same protocols.

One of my favorite findings this week, cheesecake. A delicious New York style cheesecake crumbly and rich, thick and creamy, extra tangy and not too sweet. The recipe follows and I will also include a couple variations, but this recipe was my favorite.


ketogenic cheesecake


  • 3 8oz packages cream cheese (room temperature)
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt, plain, whole fat (sour cream also works well)
  • 5 whole eggs
  • 2 tablespoons almond extract (lemon is also good)
  • 1 cup equivalent - sugar substitute (use your favorite, I used Splenda)
  • ½ cup almonds, ground


Lightly oil a 9” spring-form pan.

Spread ground almonds on the bottom of the pan to form a crust.  They will be loose, there is no need to pack them.

Mix all other ingredients until smooth

Pour cheesecake batter gently on top of almonds

Bake at 350° F for 45 min.

*In a 14” Dutch oven, that is 18 coals on top, 12 coals on bottom

Cool completely before serving


This cheesecake is wonderfully tangy and not too sweet. Be careful with your sugar substitute, nothing is worse than that nasty aftertaste. The flavor will standalone or a few slices of sweet strawberry contrast nicely against the rich tangy flavors. Give it a try I think you will be impressed. Be safe, be healthy, and share your adventures.



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