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Ketogenics, Lord of the Ribs.


Dutch Oven Cooking for Fat Loss?


Pork Roast

When I think Dutch Oven I picture dark barked pork ribs with a red hue, bold and earthy beef ribs with a bright white bone protruding when the meat swells up, pork roast slow roasted and pulled.  Meat on the bone, whole chickens basted in butter, fat, grease and flavor.  In short, I see meat, protein and fat.  The menu is not necessarily what most picture as health food, but stick with me for a minute.

*First, let me say I am not trying to convert anyone, I am sharing a personal journey. I believe in science and I believe each personas body and journey is different.

Chopped Roast

I have eaten “clean” (diabetic / anti-inflammatory) at various time in my life and the diet worked well.  I would lose weight; I would feel great.  The diet was protein rich, carb sensitive, and low fat.  I’m 46 and was getting a little bummed when the diet began to fail me.  The muscles and joints were locking up and sore, my trips to the gym weren’t paying off, and my cravings and cholesterol  were off the chart.  The information I would regard as widely accepted, common sense approach to nutrition was not working for my body.  What to do?

Enter Joe Rogan, you silly bastage.  I have been a Rogan fan since the News Radio days, his standup, and his commentary in the UFC sealed the deal.  Until recently I had not listened to his podcasts, but the first time I did, he was talking Ketogenic.  In the back of my mind a voice said, “What is this crazy witchcraft?”  Enter Uncle Google, my favorite source of wisdom, light, truth, BS and decadent ignorance, choose wisely my son.  Enter Kindle, what can I say but “Oh Hell Yeah!”  I love my Kindle, I even take it hiking.


I am sure you have access to all these tool, so if you wish to understand the science, use them.  I am going to avoid trying to explain the inner workings because frankly I would not do them justice, I am an infant on this journey.  I would like to share some basics, my approach (past and present) and my results.  Along with a couple great Dutch oven recipes.  The rest is up to you.

Seven weeks prior to this writing, I began my typical “clean” diet.  Homemade Oat and Sweet potato muffins in the morning, fat and sugar free Greek yogurt, salmon, chicken breast, almonds a few berries, kale, spinach, and cruciferous vegetables all on the menu.  50g protein, 30g carbs, >10g Fat, 4 times a day with two 50G protein 0g carb, 0g fat, shakes twice a day.  This diet has worked for years, I would lean out to about 12-14% body fat, my gym visits were great, strength went up, and I was never in pain or exhausted.  Unfortunately, 5 weeks in, I’m feeling like crap, fat, in pain, gym sucks, the world is backward, and I’m in trouble.

loose weight with Ketosis

One week ago, after a week of study and a couple twists based on my own biology, here I am. 55g fat 30g protein and 0g carbs 4 times a day.  I include carbs in the form of nuts, kale, and cruciferous vegetables in snacks and meals as needed not to exceed 30g a day.  Water intake is 2 gallons a day, which is true to my body and my previous diet.  I take several supplements for my mind and body, again based on my biology. 

When I think Dutch oven, I think Meat.  Arguable the best instrument for consistently delicious and succulent meat, the Dutch oven.  I think fat and protein when I think outdoor cooking, and I think this works perfectly for my Keto-Diet.  I am feeling great and I will follow up in a few days with some specifics and data.  Until then, enjoy a great book in your hammock and a couple of my favorite recipes, be safe, have fun, and share your experiences.




Beef Ribs in the Dutch


2 Racks of Ribs (6-7lbs)

4 T “Rub”

2 T Worcestershire

2 Beef Bouillon Cubes


Separate Ribs into 2-3 rib sections

Sprinkle with Worcestershire

Grind bullion into powder and sprinkle on ribs

Rub ribs with the “Rub”

Place ribs in a well-oiled Dutch oven

Cook at 325-350 for 2 hours

*12-14 coals on bottom 14-16 coals on top



Keto Friendly Cole Slaw

 keto cole slaw

1 c cider vinegar

 Stevia (1 c sugar equivalent)

2 c mayonnaise (I use olive oil based)

1 T dry mustard

1 t celery seed

½ t white pepper

1 t seasoned salt

Greens, use a mix of cabbage and kale



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