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Dutch Oven Steak and Lobster!


Dutch Oven Steak and Lobster?

Sure, why not? Steak and Lobster is one of my favorite ways to celebrate a special steak and lobster dutch oven dinneroccasion.  Each year as our anniversary approaches, my wife and I discuss the possibilities for the festivity. Sometimes it's a concert, traveling to Vegas, Denver, or even Boise on the trail of one of our favorite bands. Occasionally a night on the town, but this year we enlisted the trusted Campiversary.

Wild HorsesWhat is a Campiversary you ask? Well quite simply, a couple of days alone time in the RV, in the middle of nowhere, with some excellent food. My wife loves photography so the opportunity to search the desert plains for wild Mustangs and get some photos is always a favorite. As for the good food, we both love seafood, and yes, you can do that with the Dutch. This year's menu? Steak and Lobster.


This Dutch oven recipe is easy:

Add a bit of oil to your seasoned Dutch oven, with a paper towel spread it around evenly.

Use 10 briquettes on the bottom of the Dutch to preheat for 10 minutes before cooking.

Lobster Tails Ready For CookingGet yourself a couple of 1lb Lobster tails, split them down the center and pull the meat out piggyback style. Brush them with a touch of butter and spritz of fresh squeezed lime. The bright citrus aroma really wakes up the rich flavor of the lobster.

Place them in the preheated Dutch oven, space them evenly apart, and carefully add the lid.

We are going to cook our steaks hibachi style so you will want quite a few coals, 35 or so.

I like to use a steel cooling rack as a grill atop my Dutch oven. The trays are easily found online for a few dollars in many sizes. Use your Cool-Grip Silicone Gloves to move the rack about without getting burned.

Steaks on the Grill Dutch Oven StylePlace your steaks, seasoned and at room temperature, on the grill and cook 6 minutes per side or to your desired “done-ness”. I am using my own special steak rub mix. You can find the recipe in my cookbook, “I’m in Dutch!”

The lobsters are ready in 12-15 minutes or as soon as the meat is solid white and not opaque. Again, your trusty Dutch Oven Mitts come in handy when handling hot food. You don’t want one of these gems launching out of your slippery tongs. You could put an eye out!

Prepare melted butter and sliced limes for dipping, and serve the meal with a loaded baked potato. I prefer limes to lemons as they have a bit more tang.Dutch Oven Lobster Dinner

Check out my cookbook, "I’m in Dutch!" For valuable Dutch oven cooking techniques, a bit of humor, and numerous mouthwatering recipes.

By the way, be on the lookout for "Grams, Tyler, and Stephen" in my latest children’s series, “Grandmas Travelin’ Trailer.”


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