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Army Painters Mega Paint Set


Everything You Need to Get Started...

Today we will be looking at my experience with Army Painters paint line, specifically the Mega Paint set. I’ve owned the Army Painter Mega Paint Set for about a year now and I’ve used it on many miniatures in that time.

The first thing I’d like to go over is price, and this is where Army Painter cannot be beaten. Their Mega Paint set is about $80 for 42 paints and washes and 3 brushes.  For the quality of the paint, this is a great deal and was one of the main factors in me giving them a try. Touching briefly on the brushes they were nothing special, I’ve used worse brushes and I have used better brushes, but if you are new to the hobby this is a great way to get in as you don’t have to worry about buying brushes that are the right size and shape separately.

the army painter mega paint set


The next great thing about the Army Painter line is that they have 100% matched paints to their primers. What this means is that if you purchase a can of their spray primer you can later use your acrylic paints to match the base coat perfectly. This can be a HUGE time saver as you are able to use the primer as a base coat for your models. This is especially useful if you are painting something like Space Marines where the majority of the model is one color. 

The Mega Paint set comes with several washes. All of the ones I have used work great although the ‘Strong Tone’ smells and looks suspiciously like soy sauce.  The immediate comparison that comes to mind is to GW’s washes. If I had to pick a favorite between the two I would have to pick GW, that being said Army Painters washes are pretty unique and despite owning all of the GW washes I find myself reaching for the army painter quite a bit. Again it has to be mentioned the army painter washes are about half the price of GW.

ink wash the army painter review

My favorite color out of the set is ‘Alien Purple’. It is a really rich purple that I love to mix with reds or blues to create incredible shading. I own a lot of purple paint and this is defiantly the one that I use most. I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite color in the set but I definitely wish that a few extra colors were included. For example, the set is missing a magenta, which is a color in my experience that is not easy to mix.

purple army painter

The one complaint I have about the paint is that it separates very badly. The first time you use a color expects to shake it for a couple of minutes from then on 5 or 6 seconds of shaking should mix it back up. This isn’t a big deal and some colors definitely separate more than others but it’s something at the very least to be aware of.

The last great thing about Army Painter is how it handles out of an airbrush. With just a little bit of flow improver and water, these paints will flow out of an airbrush no problem. They still look great and vibrant even through the airbrush and I have never had a problem with clogging. That being said ALWAYS make sure to use a flow improver if you are using them out of an airbrush as they are not “airbrush-ready” paints.painted tree creature

I would recommend this paint set to anyone looking for some new colors, or for some washes that are not at GWs price point. If you are new to miniature painting I think this is a great place to start. This box and a can of spray primer should be all you need to start painting. It even comes with a clear coat to protect your paint job once it is done. For the cost, I think this is the best miniature paint box set I have come across.



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