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Prepping? Do I have to wear Plaid?


I'm Doomed!

i'm doomed

We are all preppers.  In some form or fashion, rather it is minute or extravagant, we are all preppers.  We have insurance, we have spare keys, we have locks on our doors and these items are all preps.  We have lines of credit for a financial prep, we have Band-Aids and pain relievers alongside flu medications for our health prep.  Most of us have a few canned goods in the cupboard for nutrition prep.  In my geek-filled world we call it redundancy, in the business world it is risk mitigation, all are simply preparations.


We also think very similarly in that those who prep more than us are extreme and those who prep less unprepared.  We each have our own collections, some collect guns and knives (weirdos, sorry mom) while others collect food, clothes, some just enjoy pastimes that include prepping intentionally or not, like canning.  We can all prep, in a practical manner. 

 Although I truly enjoy flipping on the television and watching the latest scare-tactic-filled panic driven show preparing me for the coming zombie apocalypse.  Unfortunately, after stockpiling one's shelves with the latest neon green overpriced items from knives & ammunition to MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) we are faced with the reality that the Zombie Apocalypse is not coming, and you are still not prepared.

         "But Wade!  Something similar could happen."

 No my friend, something similar is not going happen.  Zombies are not real and never will be.  There are however some very real historical disasters that we can learn from.  My goal is to help provide basic information so that in your world, rather it is out in the country with plenty of space or somewhere in the city in a cramped apartment and little space, you have some basic preps to protect yourself and your family.  Ultimately this will not be a dramatic, end of the world, collapse of society, scare tactic-filled, insert your favorite stereotype “here” prepper blog.  I am focusing on practicality and logic for those of us who wish to support our families and our communities in the event of an unplanned, unpleasant, and possible catastrophe.  Where achievable, I suggest items that are useful outside of the "Zombie Apocalypse."


Life is filled with possibility versus probability. Where I live it is very possible there will be a catastrophic earthquake. What is the probability that it will happen in my years?  The severity level may, in fact, be the deciding dynamic as to what is probable. There has already been several small tremors over my lifetime, none of which would be considered catastrophic and none of which required me to have much more than preps to survive without water and electricity for 24 hours.  It is possible that one such tremor could cause a gas leak, and they have, not at my house but others. Do you know how to turn off the natural gas or propane at your house in such an event?


Over the course of the next few months, I will be adding to this avenue of my blog. I will be covering subjects from your most important prep to common disasters and their historical significance and outcome. As I am sure we will touch on every subject involved in prepping, I'm also sure not every subject applies to everybody. I have learned in my many years that even though a conversation may not wholly apply to me, in some cases not even remotely, by listening and understanding points of view there is a strategic benefit to understanding subjects outside my realm of concern.


The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Well, folks, we all have problems, and if we don't we are going to.  When I was 12 the little town I lived in, as well is all the surrounding towns, was hit by terrible rainstorms on top of frozen ground which resulted in incredibly destructive flooding. Electricity, gas, and thus heat, clean water, and even access to the town itself were all adversely affected in some way shape or form. Growing up in the area I did, most community members have alternate water, power, heat, and plenty of food stores. If something as simple as a nasty flood hit your area, would you be okay to hold up for 72 hours? Would you be prepared to leave within 10 min. of notification?


Check back from time to time. Follow us on Facebook and twitter to keep up as new posts appear. We all believe it will never happen to us, but stand at the bottom of a trailhead and see how many hikers returned to the parking lot with only one sock. It is obvious that they weren't prepared. It should be a fun conversation and let's keep it lighthearted as that's just my style. After all, I'm Doomed.


Be Happy, Be Zombie-Free, and Share Your Adventures... Include the Kids!



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